Who We Recruit

Who We Recruit

Having insight and understanding of client's core business, work place culture and position requirements, our team ensures that applicants are appropriately screened and if necessary tested, with the consideration of the fit for the position as being paramount.

GO Recruitment Australia is today an established brand name that focuses on fulfilling manpower requirements across industries and sectors as well as on developing strategies with an emphasis on employee retention.

We are proud of the fact that the relationships we build with our clients and candidates last many years.


GO Recruitment Managers act as a Client Advocate - Most often quality candidates will have more than one choice of positions to choose from. Our team has a wealth of experience in all markets and therefore knows how to most effectively present job opportunities to candidates.

Our team which comprises of highly qualified recruitment experts use a time-tested industry process which greatly helps to reduce costly hiring mistakes while simultaneously enhancing employee retention within the organisation itself.

GO Recruitment Australia is proud to state that our leading retention rate of 96% is a clear indication that our candidate vs organization matching skills are outstanding. Besides, ensuring that candidates are well-placed across sectors, we also ensure that their job skills set and prior experience directly enhance any company’s competitive advantage.

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